Who We Are

Our Mission

Falmouth Jazz, Inc is an all-volunteer non-profit 501 (c) (3) effort to enrich the Falmouth Community through great live jazz.

Our History

Cape Cod and Falmouth have a long jazz tradition.

Jazz hit Cape Cod as it did everywhere else, with the coming of the Jazz era. Dance music was the order of the day (and night).

Bournehurst-on-the-Canal in Buzzards Bay boasted the largest dance floor in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Atlantic House in Providence features jazz greats Gerry Mulligan, Billie Holiday and Stan Getz.

When Boston clubs closed down in the summer heat, musicians would follow the people to old Cape Cod where the work was. The famous Columns in Dennis became a special place where musicians like Tony Bennet would gather to perform under the tent in the summer.

Falmouth developed a thriving jazz scene. It is estimated that 10-15 restaurants and bars had jazz performances. Woods Hole became a jazz hot spot. Concerts began in in Community Hall in the late 60s. Well-known musicians with connections to the Cape, like Dave McKenna, Al Cohn and Bobby Greene became regular performers.

Jazz could be heard at the Fishmonger Café and the Captain Kidd as well as the Firehouse in Woods Hole. The series operated under a number of names over the years including Jazz in Community Hall, Jazz in the Firehouse, Sunday Night Jazz at the Kidd, Woods Hole Jazz and Falmouth Jazz.

Falmouth has had it’s own festival, JazzFest Falmouth featuring performances by stars like John Batiste, Grace Kelly, Catherine Russell, Tierney Sutton and Karyn Alison. The festival featured a very popular Friday night jazz stroll with groups playing in shops and restaurants along main street. The jazz stroll continues today.

Falmouth’s jazz scene today is as vibrant as ever with performances at local restaurants, Highfield Hall and Gardens, the Gallery on Main, West Falmouth Library, Harrys, Liam McGuire’s, Community Hall. 

Here’s a partial list of great jazz artist who have performed in Falmouth. Nicki Parrott  Rossano Sportiello  Harry Allen  Howard Alden  Herbie King  Anat Cohen  Bucky Pizzarelli  Frank Tate  Alan Broadbent  Tim Ray  Dave McKenna Frank Wilkins  Stan Strickland  Dave Zinno  

Esparanza  Spaulding  Jason Palmer Steve Smith Royal Hartigan Greg Abate  Shawn Monteiro Cercie Miller 

Paul Broadnax  Avery Sharpe  Sax Gordon Beadle  Bobby Greene  Al Cohn Alan Dawson  Ron Wilkins Ed Sheer  New Black Eagle Jazz Band  Bruce Millard  Dan Barrett  Scott Shetler  Eugene Friesen  Pat Loomis  Mike Renzi Tom Renshaw   Jim Gwin  Alizon Lissance  Geordie Gude Cleopatra Wilkins  Les Harris Jr.  Shirley Lewis  Paul Nagle Bob Abruzese  Richard Malcom  Greg Holt  Ron Ormsby Vinny Raniolo  Monica Rizzio 

Lee Lundy  Eliot Zigmund  David Clark  Bob Savine  Olli Soilleli  Gordon Webster  Hetty Kate  Sergio Bellotti  Sarah McKenzie  Jon Weber  Bobby Tynes  Bruce Gertz  Yoko Miwa  Huron Isreal  Dave Zox  

Bruce Millard  Ted Casher  Thomas Hebb  Stanley Swan  Joe Cohn  Samoa Wilson  Dick Johnson  Elliot Zigmund  David Clarke  Bob Savine  Lee Lundy  Paul Del Naro  Chris Bellomo Marshal Wood

 Christine Fawson Phil Wilson  Mark Shelansky  Mudcat Ward  Zac Casher  Shinichi Otsu  Chuck Wilson Steve Langone  Marty Ballou  Herb Pomeroy  Donna Byrne  Kate McGarry  Keith Ganz  Nadia Washington  Simon Wilson  Coran Henley  Mike Melee  Sharik Hasan  Scott Arcangel  Mike Tucker  Svetlana Shmulyian and the Delancey Five:  Charlie Caranicas  Michael Hashim  Willerm Delisfort  Noah Jackson  Rob Garcia  Hilary Gardner  Ehud Asherie  Keala Kaumeheiwa  Laszlo Gardony  Marco Pignataro  Lee Fish  Wally Ali  Jared Henderson Mike Renzi  Arne Krarkowsky  Alexis Cole  Pat “O’Leary  Matt Savage  John Funkhouser  Emery Mesich, Steve Silverstein  Judy Carmichael  Chris Flory   Pasqualle Grass  Billy Novick  Guy Van Duser  Nicole Zuraitis  Idan Morim  Alex Smith  Dan Puglach  Marc Walker   Don Falzone  Judy Carmichael  Sullivan Fortner …and many more top jazz musicians